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Winter Tire Traction Best Devices

“Our NEW device installs easier and is safer than the older system. We guarantee it!”

New Compact with locking hub


For tires under 225mm wide tires, For Passenger Cars.

New Combine with locking hub


For tires over 225mm wide tires. For Passenger Cars.

Snow Cruiser Sport


For SUV and light trucks

Why use our products?

New and Improved Safety, Durability, Traction & Cost

Why use Snow Cruiser

For people who have used similar products from our competitor’s

Have you ever experienced any one of these:

·         Missing Traction elements?
·         Heavy vibrations?

·         Scratched up and damaged fenders and wheel wells?

·         Difficulties installing in the Snow and cold?

·         Clicking and cracking sounds?

·         Strong wind noises?


We have solved all of these issues with our NEW Locking System.


Superior Winter Traction

Client Testimonials

“Who better to complement our products than our clients”

  • "Without Snow Cruiser, I would be still be using the horrible chains that that simply break all the time. Thanks Snow Cruiser!"

    Jerry from Great Falls, Montana

  • "Winters can be brutal in the extreme north, but with Snow Cruiser it only takes minutes to install, chains take FOREVER to put on. Much time saved"

    Rene from Edmonton, CANADA

  • "Easy for me equals less fuss from the kids when additional traction is needed. Life saver for our minivan Snow Cruiser!"

    Susan from Lansing, Michigan