About us

Who We Are

Established in 1999 as a full-service corporation dedicated to fulfilling Web-based contracts and services. We are a team of experienced developers, programmers and consultants who view the combination of technical, organizational, and project development processes as essential to increase the value & dimension of a client company.

Busnweb.com is a full service ISP (Internet service provider), specializing in complete Web Design capabilities with the additional client service of Internet marketing, consulting and strategic planning.

An established team of independent programming contractors each with unique technical skills in all program languages, who have been successfully working on many completed projects to fulfill contracts.

The realization of big and small businesses that they must have a presence on the "Internet" is no secret. The papers are full of reports of success's and disappointments. The challenge? Not just to have a Web Site that reflects the business of the company, but how to best attain value and market that site to the Internet.

So many sites are developed with companies with no apparent vision as to how to market and achieve the most value. And what about maintenance? "Keep it fresh" What are the real disclosures to the company as to the costs of entering this exciting world? The real value can only be achieved through strategic planning from the beginning, not at the end when the budget is spent, and human resources are not available.

BusnWEB.com addresses these challenges with solutions. Envisioned as a "full service" Web and Business consulting provider with the competency of creative Internet design and fiscally sound skills of Internet Marketing expertise and solutions. Busnweb.com begins the creative process with management, assists in developing the text and designs the optimum marketing strategy to present the newly developed Business Web.

We deliver a Business and Web presence that delivers results desired by management and their shareholders. Part of an overall business strategy with results and future expansion in mind. Designed with optimum load speeds and eye-appealing looks, utilizing the latest in graphics technology adding value to the overall message desired by management.